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CANCEL that last review NOTHINGS MISSING- my bad !

I didnt ask for two Bibles and Im not even sure what one I am using Usually its a bargain to get more than one asked for but its hard to know how to navigate between these books even WITH instructions! Just buy the book from the books section of iTunes folks! Wish I had! Found it AFTER I had downloaded two copies of this! For the same price $20.99 Errrr!

Program for access ?

I downloaded this and noticed that suddenly I had a new Facebook friend I never asked for and never connected Tecarta with my Facebook when I never did any such thing Go elsewhere folks. Save your $20 and buy the Apple book under iTunes


Grateful! This CR bible in digital format has helped me to work my recovery no matter where I am! I have a busy schedule & Im so happy I now have my CR bible with me where ever I go! ☀️✝

Difficulty navigating

The order is confusing and the 12 step study questions are not included that I can find. Seems a little bit pricey for what you get. If you get used to clicking on the three-dimensional box picture cube you can figure out how to navigate as long as the people in the study group give you heads up on what chapter in the Bible that the lesson refers to so that you can look up that chapter on the app since they are organized by chapters.

Unusable and expensive

I bought this Bible thinking it would be easy to use, especially since they charge so much. There are free Bibles that are easier to use. I have a printed CR Bible that has lessons to follow. At the bottom of each lesson they tell you which page to go to get to the next lesson on Denial, etc. These lessons are all jumbled. The are in the order in which they appear in the Bible, which is not the order they are to be studied. This needs to be corrected. They should be in the order in which we study them and then there should be links to the next lesson. Disappointing! Also, when you do the study and click on the link to the scripture passage it takes you to the NIV version, even if you started out in NLT, which I paid another $7.99 for. This Bible is clunky and useless as a CR resource.

Celebrate recovery

I purchased this app because Im currently participating in the 12 step class and thought it would be easier to do the study on my iPad, however, I was very disappointed to see that the lessons are not sorted in the order the lessons are taught and that the lessons dont have links to the next reading. It makes using the app useless unless you are just looking for a study bible, which can be downloaded for free. I would love to see these items fixed in the next upgrade.

Not pleased

How do you go to any content other than the bible? This app is horribly hard to navigate. Very disappointed.

Please change the order

This will be a great app to have while going through a step study just to have the bible and lessons with you at all times, however, you CANNOT navigate the lessons without having the hard copy bible to tell you the order. For example on the denial lesson put them in order of acrostic not by scripture reference! I need to know which one of the lessons is D, which one is E, etc.


Well thought out and useful. I read comments on performance and they must be resolved. I have no complaints in that area. One comment though, the lessons are certainly better organized within each principle, however they really need to be ordered by sequence as they are designed to be read in a certain order. Also, related to this - put a link at the end/beginning of each lesson to navigate easily. For example the DENIAL lesson for E should be able to hot link back to D or forward to N. Besides this one area I would highly recommend this resource.

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